Hi! I’m Alexandra aka Xaninha, and in the middle of all of the Pandemic chaos, with a fully remote team, I implemented a Performance Management & Engagement Process 😱

Before I start to explain our feedback process at Damia, think about this:

  1. How many times have you started a new role and after 6 months you haven’t got any feedback from your manager?
  2. How many times have you showed results or achieved goals and you haven’t received a simple “thank you”?

We’re all humans with feelings 🥺 we all like to be appreciated by our managers or colleagues, and we want them to share constructive criticism in order for us to grow, develop and be challenged by new situations.

It can be really difficult to give feedback to a peer, manager, colleague or just to ourselves, but it’s a MUST DO these days.

In my opinion, a feedback system is a vital part of a company’s culture, it means that the company is concerned about the welfare and happiest of their employees. At the end of the day, everyone wants to work for a company who cares about them and their well-being #worklifebalance

At Damia, we take feedback very seriously and that’s why we implemented a Performance Management & Engagement process.

1.Each quarter we have 1–1 between the manager/HR/employee to find out what our people think, their satisfactions and/or frustrations, and what ideas they have to improve life working at Damia Group Portugal.

It’s OK if a 1–1 only lasts 10 minutes, it means everything is great and your employee is satisfied — but make sure you ask the right questions to understand their true feelings.

Note: You don’t have to prepare your meeting, just have it like a natural conversation as if you guys went to lunch together.

2.We also define quarterly OKRS which is an effective way to understand how individual and team goals contribute to the company’s goals.
Having a Platform where the goals are available to everyone is good practice to develop a growth mindset and make success visible.
Note: you don’t need to choose 100 goals! Choose for example 3 per quarter. Less is more and people will get more motivated with attainable goals.

3.Last but not least, we have our 360 semester performance reviews where everyone gives feedback to each other 💙
We launched a structured survey with skill options and open questions to make it easier for an employee to make the self-assessment, peer assessment and manager assessment.

It’s amazing when the day to receive and read the feedback arrives.
We go onto the platform to get to know what our colleagues have written! We are grateful to have a process which allows us to continue creating a great working environment or on the other hand to warn us about changes we need to make.

About our platform:
Leapsome. Develop your people, scale your business.
A platform for Performance Management & Employee Engagement. CEOs and HR / People Operations teams in forward-thinking, to enhance their people management processes and help them develop, empower and enable employees. Leapsome combines tools for Goals & OKRs Management, Performance Reviews and 360s, Employee Engagement Surveys, Feedback & Praise, and 1-on-1 Meetings into one easy to use platform.

Giving and receiving feedback does not have to be a negative thing, on the contrary, it is something that will help you in overcoming day-to-day tasks, take you out of your comfort zone and reach your goals.

Listening to others and constantly improving is a great way, not only to develop our professional careers but also at a personal level.

About Damia Portugal:
We are an international innovative IT recruitment company with over 25 years of experience working across all levels, from support right up to executive board level, with our HQ based in the UK.

We came to Portugal with the promise to shake up the market and redefine how one engages with clients. Our core goal is to develop relationships across the market, offer a disruptive (but positive!) approach with both clients and candidates, always based on open and transparent communication.

We take the stresses out of recruitment and engage the right professionals who will excel in your organization.

We use out-of-the-box sourcing techniques.

We are innovative, disruptive, transparent, and relaxed.

We came to the market to do it differently and we love it!


About Xaninha:

Alexandra is Damia Portugal’s, People & Office Manager.

She’s the first person you’ll meet when you enter Damia Portugal! She’ll make you feel welcome, a part of a family, offering you all the support you need, always with a friendly smile! She’s a great professional, who’s always seeking to improve processes and create the best working environment for all our employees.

All of Damia’s colleagues define her as organized, pragmatic, friendly and ambitious 💪 Without a doubt she brought to Damia a more organized business, never forgetting our culture.

Also, we couldn’t introduce her without letting you know what a great cook she is! Xana bakes the perfect cakes and tarts! We’ve already had some team buildings with her has our Master Chef 🤤

Leave her a message 🤗 She loves to hear your feedback — and now you know how important it is 🔥




At Damia Group we take the hassle out of tech recruitment and put in the right professionals who will excel in your organization 🔥

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Damia Group Portugal

Damia Group Portugal

At Damia Group we take the hassle out of tech recruitment and put in the right professionals who will excel in your organization 🔥

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