Why Damia is not just another recruitment agency?

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5 min readJul 21, 2021

When you think about recruitment agencies, probably words like KPI, tiresome interviews, and no feedback come to your mind. Well, if you have ever met any of Damia’s recruiters, you know this is not how it works for us 😎

We are serious in our mission to make tech recruitment more personal and humane. Want to know why?

I have been in the recruitment agency world for 2 years and, alongside my two previous companies, I have been exposed to our competitors. Therefore, I always tried to understand what makes each agency unique. The biggest difference is clearly in how you see people and treat them.

When I started, everyone told me “What matters the most is the people” but often the exact same people seemed to forget about it. What really seems to matter the most is staying inside the box because “Why reinvent the wheel?

But actually, there is a need! A new and more sophisticated wheel is what we believe is needed.

We operate in an highly competitive market, because there is no market behavior such as the tech one:

  • Active candidates are a Utopia”;
  • Presenting the most interesting opportunity is the biggest challenge, as every day there are new and equally interesting opportunities;
  • Tech people dislike recruiters more than anything in this world.

Obviously, Damia needs to stand out in the middle of this mad world. How?

1. We constantly look to reinvent the wheel!

One of our core values is to level up by creating higher standards. It is only possible if we constantly refresh our algorithms especially when they but don’t work in some contexts. I know fully well that I can’t expect a tech person to waste an entire hour talking about their professional experiences, when they quite possibly done it 3 times already today! Instead, I have to find alternative ways to get the relevant information from them, preferably in less than half an hour because that helps them and is something they will appreciate.

People make companies successful and Damia is no exception. Damia is well known for delivering quality work and I think one of the main reasons is the accountability instilled in every recruiter. It’s our name and professional reputation on the line when it goes well but equally when it goes wrong. We are encouraged to make decisions, create solutions and take ownership. Basically, we learn by doing and that is how we improve.

It means that when you work with a Damia recruiter, you meet someone who takes their work seriously and will always give their best to ensure you have a fulfilled experience. In addition, we will always be more than open to hearing your feedback regarding your experience with Damia. All feedback helps us to improve individually and as a team.

2. We are who we want to be, without scripts.

When I joined Damia, I must confess I was a little bit worried if I would fit in with the company language. It was a surprise when I realized I didn’t need to fit into anything because from day one, I was told the following: do it your way.

Although technology has provided recruiters with amazing automated tools to send messages, give feedback, and so on, however where we can, we try and avoid this. Why? Because human interaction is so essential and we try to do the right thing and have a positive impact on the candidate experience and these small details make a huge difference. Fortunately, we don’t have strict KPI‘s to follow which means we can utilize this “wasted” time engaging with the person in front of us (figuratively speaking, because you know… everything is remote!).

3. We have each other’s back!

Teamwork makes the dream work and when you join Damia you understand what it really means.

I truly believe that great things are never done by one person but by a team of people. Here at Damia, you will find a group of slightly different kiddos that have fun doing their job and really like what they do. Although everyone has their own tasks and responsibilities, we are always ready to help each other and one of the best assets you find here is shared knowledge. Because sharing is caring.

I can assure you that no one has an issue saying “I don’t know this” because we know someone will help us out. It is also completely fine not knowing something because we are constantly learning. We like to share new ideas and ways of doing things because we believe it motivates other people to create yet more great ideas and therefore constantly improving everyone’s work.

The thirst for improvement never stops, we are still figuring out our strengths and weaknesses and working on our brand. There is always more one can do within recruitment to make it more personal, more seamless in process, and here at Damia, I like to think we are doing a good job so far. Our key aim here is to share knowledge on what Damia stands for and I think this is the sentence that best describes us:

We love what we do and we believe we can change the world of recruitment, one person at a time.

About Carolina:

Carolina has been part of the Damia family for only 5 months but it seems like it’s been 2 years.

With Psychology as her main field of study and specialising in Work and Organizational Psychology, she wants to make a difference to people’s lives at work.

She is one of our tech recruiters 🔥 “ I’m shaping myself as a goal-oriented, innovative, resourceful, and empathetic professional.”

But not everything is about work. Carolina has a balanced work/life, takes enjoyment from everything around her, especially with the new family addition, a puppy! It’s her passion, occupies lots of her time and love (we can see Carolina in our Zoom Calls looking care of the dog ‘Toffee’, making sure her doesn’t mess up the house). We already consider her to be a honorary DAMIA member! Always at the window looking/barking for Javas.

About Damia Portugal:
We are an international innovative IT recruitment company with over 25 years of experience working across all levels, from support right up to executive board level, with our HQ based in the UK.

We came to Portugal with the promise to shake up the market and redefine how one engages with clients. Our core goal is to develop relationships across the market, offer a disruptive (but positive!) approach with both clients and candidates, always based on open and transparent communication.

We take the stresses out of recruitment and engage the right professionals who will excel in your organization.

We use out-of-the-box sourcing techniques.

We are innovative, disruptive, transparent, and relaxed.

We came to the market to do it differently and we love it!



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