What will they remember? 3 years of sales marketing @ Damia.

Scroll down to read about 7 ideas we’ve had so far:

1. All I want for Christmas

This was our first sales action! I started working at Damia on December 2nd 2017 and when I joined, I already had an idea in mind of something different and innovative for our clients at Christmas. Aware of the small budget (we had only been operating for 3 months) I had to create something fast and easy.
At Christmas time, most companies decorate a tree for their office (at least in Portugal they do). The question was: How does Damia get involved in this activity?

Still to this day, sometimes when we visit clients at Christmas time we see our bauble hanging in their tree.

2. YES! You nailed it!

Most of our inboxes are flooded with automated email newsletters. We thought of something a little more unique for our business communication. Our goal is to create a friendlier, less formal environment where people can feel appreciated.
A card we can use for everything!
Have a look through our options below, if you had to check the boxes what would you choose?

3. Conference bags must breed in the dark.

At Damia we had the privilege of being a part of the first Remote work conference in Lisbon. Every time we go to a business event, we usually leave with a swag bag filled with flyers and things which end up being thrown away.

4. Talk, Pizza and chill.

For the past two years we have been the official recruitment sponsor for the Canopy Community Lisbon talks #demonights! Before the pandemic when the events all moved online, we were the best sponsor…WE SPONSOR THE PIZZA at the end of the night!

5 & 6. We just popped up to wish you a happy Holiday.

We know you must be tired of receiving business gifts destined for the dusty corners of desks and closets.

Cheese in a bag.
Pop-corn whilst relaxing on your Christmas break, watching that classic Christmas movie. Which check-box would you pick?

7. Drink up

Does there need to be a reason for a special gift for you to celebrate the start of the summer season?!
Who doesn’t love the summertime? A time to kick back and relax, enjoy the nice weather, spend long evenings on the beach and (for lot of us) the annual summer holiday.
While everyone is busy with planning vacations and booking flights, we wanted to make sure Damia was at the top of their mind!

Give them a gift they can definitely enjoy on vacation!

Pumpkin-spiced lattes are better in the fall, mint mochas take the bite out of winter, and a good Damia cocktail provides the best refreshment during summer.

Toiler paper - Even better than wine in 2020 🧻

The panic-buying of bathroom wipes continued throughout the first, second and third (depending on who you ask) waves of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The internet was flooded with memes and jokes about toilet-tissue scarcity. After a rough year for most of us, we wanted to give a gift to our clients and partners that would help to lighten the mood and cause a smile.

We gave the most expensive gift available, the hot new currency: toilet paper.
“Tissue is just one of those things that has really demonstrated the impact of the pandemic more than others,”

Damia’s the business gifting guru!

What did you think about these ideas?

When we look at the most recognized brands, like Coca-cola or Apple, one of the things they all have in common is the consistency of their branding. The more consistent a brand becomes, the more prominent and recognizable it is with the consumer.

She wrote before, check it out:



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