What will they remember? 3 years of sales marketing @ Damia.

Scroll down to read about 7 ideas we’ve had so far:

1. All I want for Christmas

Still to this day, sometimes when we visit clients at Christmas time we see our bauble hanging in their tree.

2. YES! You nailed it!

3. Conference bags must breed in the dark.

4. Talk, Pizza and chill.

5 & 6. We just popped up to wish you a happy Holiday.

Cheese in a bag.
Pop-corn whilst relaxing on your Christmas break, watching that classic Christmas movie. Which check-box would you pick?

7. Drink up

Pumpkin-spiced lattes are better in the fall, mint mochas take the bite out of winter, and a good Damia cocktail provides the best refreshment during summer.

Toiler paper - Even better than wine in 2020 🧻

We gave the most expensive gift available, the hot new currency: toilet paper.
“Tissue is just one of those things that has really demonstrated the impact of the pandemic more than others,”

Damia’s the business gifting guru!

What did you think about these ideas?

She wrote before, check it out:



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