To be, or not to be, corporate. 💼

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4 min readNov 17, 2022

By Ana Correia

Hello, everyone! 👋 I’m Ana, and since April 4, 2022, I have been challenged to be part of the Jerónimo Martins Group recruitment team, through Damia Group Portugal RPO service.

I’ve worked in outsourcing consultancy companies in the past, so being able to work within the client was really exciting for me.
However, there is still a certain “fog” about how corporate culture works in the tech industry and I wanted to address and demystify it. Most companies in the Portuguese technology sector, due to the market competition and to place them as ‘the best place to work’ have some flexible policies and benefits, while other companies work in more classic and formal environments.

Initially, the culture shock, which I had never experienced, was something strange and out of my comfort zone.
It was completely new to me and I even felt a bit afraid of whether I would be able to fit the company’s standards. However, as people say, when you leave the comfort zone is where the magic starts and the surprises were good!

Jerónimo Martins Group is one of the oldest retail groups in Portugal with huge and successful brand awareness in the market, focused on their good quality, delivery and best prices — in order for this to happen, it is necessary certain ingredients, on the right doses!

When I joined the RPO challenge, I expected formal people, very strict policies, and little work flexibility, however, I found multidisciplinary, relaxed teams and policies that move towards a remote-friendly environment in order to keep up with the challenges of this market.

The Group is currently undergoing a digital transformation that will help in its production, and in the streamlining of processes, in addition to keeping up with technological advances.

Inside the company, I found employee development policies and investment in new talent, which I have not seen in some more recent companies with new and innovative ideas. Within the group, it is possible to grow and learn through its internal mobility and training programs, in addition to being part of a group with an increasingly strong and expanding international context.

But why is Jerónimo Martins characterized as “corporate” after all? 🧐

The company has well-organized processes with several stages, besides various procedures that must be followed to maintain the quality of the services, and recruitment is no different. There is special care for each candidate, and process, aiming for a transparent process and as fast as possible.

With this experience, I can conclude that many times the prejudice against a company with this kind of corporate style is associated with bosses with old and inflexible ideologies, dressed in the typical tie — by which I don’t mean that you’ll not find ties in the Jerónimo Martins Group — but they you will certainly find happy teams, with constant training, and confident in the direction the group chooses. 💪


About Ana Correia:

Our very own personal motorbike girl! 🏍 Ana is one of our RPO recruiters @ Damia Group Portugal.

Ana is a very focused and adaptable person, always ready to help and give new, creative, and out-of-box ideas to implement inside the company! 🔥

Don’t be shy, connect with her on LinkedIn and say Hi!

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