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6 min readMar 15, 2023

A funny and interesting comparison of different Information Technology (IT) job profiles to various types of cocktails.

I decided to write this article after our marketing team bullied me (tbh almost forced me to 😂). I’m joking of course, they didn’t force me, they’re great girls, and they had a point. I do have a particular background that led me here.
As some of you already know (or maybe don’t), amongst other stuff, I was previously a bartender — highly skilled in my opinion. 😛 So, it only felt right to connect two worlds with a little metaphor!

Isn’t it great when you are able to embrace your own self, regardless of the area you’re currently working on? In my perspective, every experience adds value to your present position and gives you different approaches, regardless of how related it is to the duties you have. I felt like it would be a great opportunity to merge the two versions of me!

In my point of view, cocktails, and tech profiles can both be seen as complex creations that require a unique blend of ingredients to bring out the best in their respective crafts.
Just like a bartender must measure and mix different ingredients in precise amounts to create a delicious drink, an IT Developer must use various technologies, tools, and programming languages to build software and systems that function seamlessly. 💻

Both bartenders and IT profiles also require some creativity and innovation.💡 In the same way that a bartender can create new and exciting drinks by combining ingredients in different ways, a tech professional must continuously learn and adapt to new technologies to stay ahead in their field. And like a great cocktail can leave a lasting impression, a well-crafted tech solution can significantly impact a company and its clients.

I think cocktails and tech jobs require the right combination of skills, creativity, and precision to produce something exceptional.

Information Technology (IT) is a vast field that encompasses a wide range of job roles and specializations. Much like there are various types of Cocktails & Bartenders, each with unique flavours and ingredients, there are also different IT profiles that bring their unique skills and strengths to the table. 👇

The IT Project Manager

A project manager is like the bartender manager of a cocktail bar. They’re responsible for managing multiple projects, ensuring they are completed on time and within budget, just like a bartender manager must ensure that cocktails are made to the customer’s satisfaction and served in a timely manner. ✅

The Software Developer

A software developer is like a mixologist who creates the recipes for new cocktails. 🎨 They use their technical skills to develop software, the same way as a mixologist uses their knowledge of ingredients to create new and unique drinks.

The Systems Analyst

A systems analyst is like the wine sommelier who helps customers choose the perfect drink. They are responsible for analyzing and improving information systems, much like a sommelier helps customers choose the perfect wine to complement their meal. 🧐

The Database Administrator

A database administrator is like a barista who ensures that the bar’s coffee machine is working properly. 🔐 They manage and maintain databases, in a similar way, a barista must keep the coffee machine in good working order.

The Network Engineer

A network engineer is like the bar manager who ensures that the bar is running smoothly. 🔍 They design, implement and maintain computer networks, the same as a bar manager must oversee the operations of the bar.

Let’s delve deeper into the role of a software developer and compare it with various classic cocktails.

1. Backend Engineer — Old Fashioned Cocktail 🥃

As a backend engineer, you’re the wizard behind the curtain, whipping up complex, robust systems that keep everything running smoothly. Just like an Old Fashioned, your work requires a mix of precision and experience to get the job done right.

2. Frontend Engineer — Margarita Cocktail 🍸

As a frontend engineer, you’re the master of user experience and design. You create visually appealing interfaces that make the customer feel right at home. Just like a Margarita, your work is all about striking the perfect balance between form and function.

3. QA Engineer — Bloody Mary Cocktail 🍹

As a QA engineer, you’re the taste-tester of the software world, ensuring that everything is up to snuff before it goes out to the public. Just like a Bloody Mary, your work is all about taking a good, hard look at the details to make sure they’re right.

4. Data Engineer — Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail 🍹

As a data engineer, you’re the bartender of the data world, carefully mixing together a variety of complex components to create something truly unique. Just like a Long Island Iced Tea, your work requires a deft hand and a deep understanding of your ingredients to get the job done right.

5. DevOps Engineer — Caipirinha Cocktail 🧉

As a DevOps engineer, you’re the manager of the software development process, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Just like a Caipirinha, your work requires a mix of technical skills and a laid-back attitude to get the job done right. You keep the development process flowing smoothly and make sure everything is in its place, just like a well-made Caipirinha.

In conclusion…

Just as there are numerous flavours and varieties of cocktails, IT professionals bring a diverse range of unique skills and specializations to the industry.

Each type of software developer specializes in different aspects of the software development process, much like how different types of cocktails cater to various tastes and preferences. These roles are essential in ensuring that software is developed, delivered, and maintained effectively and efficiently. Whether you’re an IT Project Manager, Backend Engineer, Frontend Engineer, QA Engineer, Data Engineer, or Network Engineer, your role plays a critical part in ensuring the smooth functioning of IT systems. 🔥


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He has a unique experience within our team, he went through the navy and worked as a bartender; today, he is one of our most beloved tech recruiters. When he’s not sourcing, we know we can find him at the gym 😂 always very healthy, and he tries to pass on a message of balance and help the team to follow a healthy path. 💪

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