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5 min readJul 25, 2022

My end-costumer experience — by Inês Chaves.

Hi 👋 I’m Inês and I’m a tech recruiter at Damia RPO Team.

Damia’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a service we offer our clients that allows them to scale faster and better with an in-house tech recruiter.

RPO is synonymous of a complete fusion — your goals and needs become ours. It’s all about partnership. The way you attract, recruit and retain people determines your ability to seize business opportunities, innovate and grow!

Almost 3 years ago, I changed the direction of my professional career and started working in human resources, more specifically in IT recruitment.

During the first two years, my work focused on meeting the needs of different clients and, consequently, a wide array of tech profiles. During this period, I focused more prominently on software profiles, which I believe ended up giving me a wide range of experience.

In November of last year, after starting to feel that I had to take — what I believed to be — the next step in my professional experience, I was challenged by Damia to join their RPO team, specifically a new client: Logicalis Portugal. 🔥

This was a challenge that I accepted almost immediately because it assembled everything I was looking for: a recruiting experience directly with the final client.

This meant that I could provide services to a single client, which in this case, means being part of the internal human resources team and being involved in all the recruiting processes — from the moment of the first interview, technical interviews, meetings with the area directors to understand their needs until the final financial proposition.

I’m going, to be honest; it was a challenge! The company did not have experience and processes in hiring different profiles at the same time, but they were committed to Portugal and growing their team in an increasingly competitive world. 💪

Additionally, I started hiring mostly hardware profiles, some of which, for the first time, all in a human resources department that was going through a restructuring period due to the company’s growth.

I consider that all my experiences have led me to the person and professional I am today. My experience at Logicalis is no exception to the rule. 👇👇

Things I’ve learned from my experience:

· Being able to manage expectations between the company and the employee.

· Communication and sharing are key to a team’s success.

· Give your opinion when we believe it can bring an added value to the team/company.

· More than detecting errors, it’s more important to understand the possible solutions.

· Changes often take time, but never stop believing that the best is yet to come!

Through the process and time at Logicalis I always could count on Damia’s support, which was always near me, trying to understand my possible difficulties and celebrating all the small or great victories with me. 💙

After nine months, I reach the end of my journey at Logicalis, feeling that I’m a better and more complete professional.

We’re the combination of all the people we come across, all the experiences we have, and all the battles we fight. I can’t wait to find out what new possibilities are in store for me, I’m certain that in life it’s important to be able to absorb from each experience, and each one will make us better people, better colleagues, and better professionals. 🤩

The path is rarely done in a straight line, but when we surround ourselves with the right people and act with a positive mindset, with the motivation that we are doing our best, reaching our destination is always easier!

About Inês:

Inês joined our RPO Damia team in November 2021. With previous experience in IT recruitment, she has helped us grow our RPO team and has proven to be a crucial teammate. 💪

She works as an in-house recruiter, being at the forefront of the recruitment process and supporting our clients in building their teams. She’s a great example of Damia’s culture and mindset — reliable, with no time for b#llsh!t, and always searching for the silver lining.

From Azores Island, but for us she’s from the world and its people. Travel lover and probably the best person to go out and party (she knows the lyrics of every song!!! 😱).

Don’t leave without checking her LinkedIn page 👉 https://www.linkedin.com/in/inês-chaves-7217b8142/


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Our in-house recruiter will combine his market knowledge, tech expertise, network, and cultural understanding, and help you achieve sustainable growth.

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