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4 min readSep 30, 2022

By Débora Lopes

Heyyy, It’s Débora here, currently living in Bali 🌴 and this is my story of how I changed my life and decided to work as a digital nomad as an RPO Tech recruiter with Damia Portugal 💻

7 months ago, after 2 years of a World Pandemic and fully remote work, I found myself completely stuck at home, working on my computer for endless hours, with no social interaction besides the virtual world which is part of my job. I was living on autopilot like most of us.

The lockdown was a bummer, but the truth is it allowed us all to stop and think about our lives, it was necessary to go through this massive change to become aware of all the stuff I wasn’t enjoying. I started to question what until that very moment I had taken for granted. I felt like life was passing through without me doing anything to fulfil it. It was then that I decided to START LIVING!

I’ve always been a travel lover! For a long time, I have dreamed and longed to travel the world and maybe live abroad for some time.

“Débora, if you don’t live your life, no one else will live it for you! Go ahead! One thing is certain, if you regret anything it’s for not going”.

Of course, I had my fears and insecurities, personal but also professional ones — how could I manage to go travel and not lose my job?

The first thing I did was to talk with my managers and inform them about my intention. I’m an RPO, in-house tech recruiter at Damia, I needed the approval of both my managers — from Damia and the client side.

I was a bit nervous about the conversation, I thought several times about the possibility of them saying no — it would be the end of my “plan”.

But guess what? They both said a BIG YES!

Since I joined Damia, I knew that its culture was quite open. I’ve heard several times words of encouragement about doing what makes us happy and challenging ourselves to grow as professionals and human beings.

Thank you so much Damia for giving me this opportunity and for truly caring about your employees, it’s great to know that we can work on great clients who share our passion and vision!

A big thanks to Damia’s client! When I asked them about the possibility to be a Digital Nomad, they seemed more excited than I did, and in the end, they didn’t bother about the time zone difference or location and trusted me from the very beginning. It’s so good to have their support, I feel grateful and with the assurance that I’m in the right place!!

I’m glad about this decision, it was one of the best I ever took in my life! I’ve been travelling for 5 months and a half now, meeting a lot of people from all over the world, expanding my mind, visiting and working in so many beautiful places, learning, and growing a lot! I already knew that there were places with big Digital Nomad communities which were prepared to support people with this lifestyle, but I never thought it was so easy! All you need is a computer and a good Wi-Fi connection (which in Thailand & Bali you get even in the middle of the jungle). Ahh, in my specific case, a good pair of headphones is also a must asset!

It’s been an experience like no other! I still have no plans to return to Portugal but one thing I am sure of, when I do, I will be a richer person. All the moments, the people, and the experiences I lived here, I’ll carry them for my entire life, and nothing could be more beautiful and rewarding than that. ❤️

To anyone who’s thinking about starting a new adventure and becoming a digital nomad like me, I can only tell you this: If you have the chance and opportunity, take it! Don’t be afraid! If it’s not for you, you can always come back!


About Débora Lopes:

An enthusiast for life and a true resilient! Débora is one of our Freelance Tech Recruiter @ Damia Group Portugal.

Débora is an exceptional teammate, she is able to make people feel very welcome and is always thoughtful in teaching her expertise!

Don’t be shy, connect with her on LinkedIn and say Hi!

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