Future’s looking uncertain. Not at Damia.

When I joined Damia, the consolidation of that know-how could prove itself, and the integration into a flexible, good-humoured, nerdy team was a very fluid process.

The digital era has already brought with it new essential means of communication and transactions, as well as the compelling conversion of the working place, inviting companies to further think the modality of telework. When the pandemic occurred, Damia had already anticipated that we would all be expected to work from home, most of our work had already been transferred to our houses where we were able to maintain the same productivity.

Outsourcing has moved from a mere cost reduction model to an enhancer of innovation, and Damia has kept pace with this trend, always keeping in sight that consultants are the main source of value, as long as they keep ensuring the “metamorphosis” of the IT world.

WE ARE META, a change in form, that goes from one stage to the next, an EVOLUTION, GROWTH, SCALE, a METAMORPHOSE for (y)our team!

We add value to all parts of the business, minimize the risks and improve your competitive position with team automation! Providing businesses with access to the best tech talent pool available with a human 2 human approach process.



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Damia Group Portugal

Damia Group Portugal


At Damia Group we take the hassle out of tech recruitment and put in the right professionals who will excel in your organization 🔥