Future’s looking uncertain. Not at Damia.

An Outsourcing Point of View.

When I first heard about Damia, what initially popped into my mind was: Oh no! Another recruitment company joining the crowd!

But I gave them a chance and did some further research. What I found was a really creative, disruptive brand, whose utmost goal is to transform and enhance the way Information Technology professionals, as a rule, deal with the ongoing processes of change when integrating a new project through recruitment. This was what really prompted me to apply!

Here we value every individual, but also effective teamwork. We have a strong and positive leadership team, highly motivating us and advancing the best solutions to accomplish our goals and get great results.

Communication is open, based on trust and supported by a solid groundwork which even resisted the impact of the present crisis which hit all companies in this sector — compelling us to change our routines and ways of human contact.

Since the very first lockdown, our means and manner of work were not only impacted in the way we create, communicate and relate to one another, but also brought a better human understanding regarding diversity and gender equality.

When looking for new staff, we stick to our values, our morals and a golden rule: honesty starting within. Although many consultants, for the sake of stability and security, are more reluctant to change company and projects, they no doubt perceive the instant need to achieve more and consolidate knowledge.

It is a fact that this pandemic has decreased the appetite of many professionals for the presentation of more stimulating proposals, more attractive posts that make use of break-through-technology. It is therefore our role to help them to take a major leap in their careers. There is always a risk that goes with it, but we have to focus on candidates who keep up with the most recent trends.

If companies manifest a strong leadership, inspiring their consultants and showing a genuine interest to solve any rising question, taking part in the process in a clear and transparent way, then they are without a doubt in good hands and they will have the best opportunity of success.

I had the chance to enter the world of IT, guided by the enhancing vision of a CEO who was driven by the belief and the will to always keep the company ahead. It was undeniably the moment that pushed me forwards and motivated me to want to do more and get better.

The digital era has already brought with it new essential means of communication and transactions, as well as the compelling conversion of the working place, inviting companies to further think the modality of telework. When the pandemic occurred, Damia had already anticipated that we would all be expected to work from home, most of our work had already been transferred to our houses where we were able to maintain the same productivity.

The situation was difficult for those engaged in IT consulting businesses, now affected by the projects’ shortage and loss in revenue. Many companies were quick at terminating their work with external consultant’s services as a solution to face the first impact of the crisis. But they soon realized this was not a viable solution in the long term. A change of attitude was then to revert the situation for the suppliers.

Businesses became dependent on digital tools to safely communicate and operate, not only to meet clients’ demands and raise their level of satisfaction, but also to embrace the new Tech areas to enable businesses to supply faster and more convenient practices.

Working from the office could be replaced by working from home, increasing opportunities for the Outsourcing model.

IT companies are then able to operate without effecting their productivity, giving remote support to businesses and assuring that the continuous flow of delivery is by no means compromised.

Outsourcing has moved from a mere cost reduction model to an enhancer of innovation, and Damia has kept pace with this trend, always keeping in sight that consultants are the main source of value, as long as they keep ensuring the “metamorphosis” of the IT world.

With the needs in the market and the new ways of working, companies have to be aligned and always on top of what is necessary to be able to deliver a good service to all of their stakeholders.

A company who truly cares about their people, the way they work and gives the best service possible — it makes perfect sense to follow the transformation and separate PERM from OUTSOURCING, aligning with their culture and values always with a transparent and honest communication. It was through this evolution, metamorphosis, growth that ‘Crash*’ team started!

*Crash. Group of rhinos.
We are Meta is much more than a company or a place to work, WE ARE A CRASH! We work with people, for people!

We add value to all parts of the business, minimize the risks and improve your competitive position with team automation! Providing businesses with access to the best tech talent pool available with a human 2 human approach process.

It can be difficult to source the right IT talent, and recruiting and managing the new talents takes just way too much time and resources. Outsourcing can be the answer!

“Our society encourages us to be cows, but if you really want to stand out and have a life of success you need to become a rhino!”

About Joana:
Joana started working at Damia in September 2020, bringing her calm and friendly face to the team, she worked and delivered with enthusiasm and lovely charm.

Mother of a young child, she’s a woman of strength who manages to balance her work and family with dedication. Working in fully remote can be hard with a child at home, but Joana showed that commitment and affection can balance.

She brings her passion to her candidates and clients, making everyone happy to work with her.

Joana now works at We Are Meta, she’s part of THE CRASH, the agency sponsored by Damia for outsourcing. She has done an incredible job always based on the company’s values and mission.

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