From Consulting to Internal

I’m going to be completely honest. Recruitment IS challenging everywhere you go.

Sure, recruiting at a product company has a lot of advantages: you have the chance to be involved with the candidates throughout the whole process; give them their feedback promptly (because client-side you actually know what is happening); you’re able to answer all the questions the candidate may have and if you don’t know, you can always ask the technical team or the Hiring Manager within seconds; you have the privilege of knowing everything about the company, the project you’re recruiting for and get to know people in all different departments. — That is a big plus!

From my experience I would say that working for an agency taught me:

  • The importance of fast processes
  • How to understand tech profiles
  • How to teach myself (searching on the internet about different technologies and reading as much as possible)
  • How to defend my candidates and their potential
  • Organizational skills (organize and document my work properly)
  • The most important part: to always be resilient (never give up and just keep trying).

Working for a Product Company taught me:

  • How to focus on priorities and be more aware of the candidate’s experience and the company’s needs
  • How to understand the details of the project and how to explain this in a better way to the candidates
  • How to discuss technical subjects with the team
  • How to guide the candidates through all the stages and be transparent with them
  • How to have assertive communication with the candidates and explain to them in the best way possible the details about the project and the company itself
  • Finally, how to manage different stakeholders.



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