DAMIA’s Mental Health & Wellness Program


  1. Shared weekly healthy recipes
  2. Shared positive affirmations
  3. Had a Zoom Yoga class
  4. Organized a Psychologist talk
  5. Invited a Nutritionist for a Q&A with a quick recipe workshop
  6. Created some internal benefits for people to switch-off from work

This soon became an internal permanent program at Damia

1. Weekly healthy recipes that are easy and convenient to prepare.

2. Positive affirmations.

3. Yoga class.

4. Psychologist talk

5. Nutritionist Q&A & healthy snack workshop

6. Internal benefits for people who can switch-off from work

  • We have a transparent culture, we hold a 1:1 with HR every quarter to make sure we listen to our employees concerns, doubts and help is offered, including managing energy, nutrition and mental health.
  • We encourage proper breaks as an effective way to re-energize
  • We provide healthy snacks in the office (during the 1st and 2nd lockdown we must confess that some unhealthy snacks were offered, but these were good for the soul — everything in life is a healthy balance).
  • Employees are invited to take part in a variety of physical activities and are encouraged to participate.
  • Special partnership programs with local gyms.
  • We increased our health insurance, making sure it covers all aspects of Covid19.
  • Psychological and emotional help is also on offer.

A global shift is taking place in employee wellness programs due to the pandemic. Taking the lead to create a strategy that promotes a true wellness culture is a must do for a healthy business.



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