A Marketing girl on a recruitment world. Culture and Communication from a Marketing perspective.

A company’s culture is its values and mission which act as the distinct identification of the business. It is quite clear that a positive culture in the workplace can create a healthy and productive working environment.

In today’s modern business world and even more so with the pandemic we have experienced in 2020, companies are looking to improve their corporate culture, building more positive working environments with a strong communication channel both internally and externally showing how they work 💪

How to overcome this issue?

Many suggestions and ideas… but I wasn’t able to produce anything and nothing was “easy” enough for me to change.

I just had to design our yellow office couch, and with the logo on the wall…voilá! The new team picture 👇

The main rule for me is, ALWAYS communicate INSIDE — OUT! The work begins with your people, with your coworkers!

The best way to start is to carry out surveys or gather feedback to gauge the perceptions that your employees have about your organization’s culture!



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